Jhuma Datta has been an avid shutterbug since 2008, nature and landscape photography is her first love and prime area of interest. As a passionate traveller who is always ready to fly and ride to enthralling destinations, a long exposure photography expert Jhuma has traversed extensively clicking the many moods and facets of Mother Nature. It is needless to state, that she has been engaged ever since in her pursuit of achieving excellence in this field.

Accredited by organisations like National Geographic Traveller, Wikimedia Foundation, Smart Photography, Better Photography,, Uttarakhand Tourism, India Today, International Mountain Summit, Panoramio.Com, Maya Art Space, who use her stills. Jhuma Datta organized her first solo exhibition ‘PENCHANT’ in 2012 at Gaganendra Shilpa Pradarshashala, Kolkata and the 2nd edition ‘SOLACE’ in 2014 followed by ‘RHAPSODY’ in 2015, the third solo venture from her artistic collection that presents an amalgamation of creative techniques and compositional ideas. Her fourth exhibition, ‘ísland’, was held at Academy of Fine Arts in 2019, which was based on her photographic experiences from her visit to Iceland. She believes, art lovers would take pleasure in the splendour of the rocks, the water bodies, the flora and fauna, the horizon, the clouds and the night skies captured by her.

She is enthusiastic about training young photographers and is relentlessly involved in photography workshops. She also finds time to judge various photography and painting competitions.

This talented individual started her aesthetic journey with painting landscapes and portraits and specializes in water colour and acrylic on canvas. This makes her photographs unique as each of them turn out to be a reflection of life as seen from an artist’s eyes.